special disability

January 14, 2010

As we pursue the rules of life many people are becoming more successful then, but there are times that we as a living creature we cannot maintain the luck of life. There are some people who were born not as lucky as we are, such as the classification of functioning disability, feeding disorders, and other interdisciplinary setting.  We as a lucky one, we need to show how much we love those people as how we love ourselves. There is no matter how they become unhelpful we must know that they have their own role why they are here even though they can’t help us to do work hard.  However we must realize how those can make the normal one to make its life more valuable. Base on my own experience, in every time I watch television I cannot deny that how could person in a disability can make me cry, in a purpose that I cannot explain. I don’t know what the reason is but there is something which makes me to realize, those people can do something good for themselves and for the others. So how should I? I want to help others too, in what way? By being a good person? Does it help? Oh I think and I did the most is through sharing what are the blessings I receive. Life is to give and take… some people say it is better to give than to receive. Quite true, but if you have receive something from a special person it rewards them that we accept them as a part of our life, the reason why we take a good care of it as we always  remember them through the gift they have shared. Just like a disabled person can give you a thrill for them to take a good care for them, love them and accept them as what they are now. Through them we can see the feature of God. But for those, please don’t loose your faith, think for the best there are ways that it might be well. Technology in this generation might help others through therapy services. Who knows about it?